Key Benefits

  • Accounts Are Maintained In Your Office

    Code Collect can access your billing server remotely to ensure you will have full control on your accounts.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    High security and confidentiality is maintained with our medical billing and coding services.

  • Streamline Front Office Operations

    Code Collect allows your staff to focus on the patient's needs instead of distracting them with mundane billing and insurance processing.

  • No Paper To Be Sent

    Code Collect provides the convenience of allowing our clients to fax or scan the papers to be sent in. You will be able to maintain all of the original paperwork.

  • Increased Revenue

    Code Collect assures our clients higher revenue with proper coding and timely billing. Our medical billing and coding services have a proven record of increased reimbursement.

  • Cost Reduction

    Eliminate recruiting and training, reduce labor costs and improve accuracy through our high-quality operations.

Main Features

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Total Revenue Cycle

Code Collect handles the total revenue cycle, including coding and reviewing dictation.

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Expedited Reimbursement

Code Collect assures faster reimbursement and increased cash flow. Claims are submitted the day that dictation is received (usually within 24 hours).

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Affordable Services

Code Collect is highly affordable, charging a percentage of the collected amount, depending on the specialty and size of the practice.

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A/R Follow-Up

Code Collect offers an intensive A/R follow up. Unpaid claims are followed up within 30 days and appropriate action is taken immediately.

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Customer Service

Code Collect provides excellent customer service to your office staff and patients.

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Code Collect handles all physician and physician extenders for insurance payers and facilities.



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